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Antidote               cures Poison 
Cottage       same effect as Tent plus restores all GF 
         (can only be used on World Map or Save Point) 
Echo Screen            cures Silence 
Elixir            fully restore abnormal status and HP 
Eye Drops              cures Darkness 
Hi-Potion              restores HP by 1000 
Hi-Potion+             restores HP by 2000 
Holy Water             cures Zombie, Curse 
Mega Phoenix        removes KO status from all members 
Mega-Potion         restores HO by 1000 to all members 
Megalixir              fully restores abnormal status and HP to all 
Phoenix Down           removes KO status 
Potion                 restores HP by 200 
Potion+                restores HP by 400 
Remedy                 cures abnormal status 
Remedy+        cures abnormal status and Magic effects 
Soft                   cures petrify 
Tent      fully restores abnormal status and HP to all 
         (can only be used on World Map or Save Point) 
X-Potion               fully restores HP 
BATTLE ITEMS (Inflict damage or raise stats temporarily during battle) 
NAME                   EFFECT 
Aura Stone             same effect as Aura 
Death Stone            same effect as Death 
Flare Stone            same effect as Flare 
(!) Friendship         summons Mooba during battle 
Gyshahl Greens         Chocobo related...? 
                       (summons Chicobo during battle) 
Hero                   makes character invincible 
Hero-trial        makes character invincible sometimes 
Holy War            makes all party members invincible 
Holy War-trial         makes all party members invincible sometimes 
Meteor Stone           same effect as Meteor 
Phoenix Pinion         summons Phoenix during battle 
Poison Powder          Powder with Poison effect 
Protect Stone          same effect as Protect 
Shell Stone            same effect as Shell 
Silence Powder         Powder with Silence effect 
Sleep Powder           induces sleep 
Ultima Stone           same effect as Ultima 
Vampire Fang           Fang that makes vampire attack 
Zombie Powder          Powder with Zombie effect 
AMMO (used with Irvine's limit break) 
NAME                   DESCRIPTION 
AP Ammo                Armor-piercing Ammo 
Fire Ammo              Ammo with Fire element 
Dark Ammo             Ammo with status changing effect 
Demolition Ammo        Ammo 3 times more powerful than Normal Ammo 
Fast Ammo              Ammo for rapid fire 
Normal Ammo            Normal Ammo 
Pulse Ammo          Ammo that contains powerful energy 
Shotgun Ammo           Ammo that attacks all opponents 
WEAPON MODIFICATION ITEMS (Used in Junk Shops to upgrade weapons) 
Adamantine     GF learns.....      Lionheart, Ehrgeiz, 
                                        Strange Vision 
Betrayal Sword  Sword that betrays allies  Flame Saber 
Bomb Fragment        Stone with fire element         Nunchaku, Ulysses 
Chef's Knife        Tonberry's Knife        Punishment 
Cockatrice Pinion    Feather with petrifying power   Cardinal    
Curse Spike        Quistis.....         Strange Vision 
Dino Bone    Large dinosaur bone    Exeter, Twin Lance 
Dragon Fang   Dragon's fang with recovery    Lionheart 
Dragon Fin       Very hard dragon scale       Maverick 
Dragon Skin                         Ehrgeiz, Gauntlet, 
                                          Red Scorpion 
Dynamo Stone    Stone with Thunder element    Bismarck 
Energy Crystal                          Shooting Star, 
                                        Save the Queen 
Fish Fin           Fish's Fin            Metal Knuckle 
Force Armlet       GF learns.....        Shooting Star 
Fury Fragment        Stone that contains morale      Ehrgeiz, Gauntlet 
Inferno Fang        Quistis.....         Crescent Wish 
Life Ring      Ring with life force      Crescent Wish 
M-Stone Piece        Stone with a little Magic       Revolver, Pinwheel, 
         power                         Metal Knuckles, 
                                           Chain Whip, 
Magic Stone      Stone with Magic Power      Valkyrie, 
                                          Slaying Tail 
Malboro Tentacle                        Save the Queen 
Mezmerize Blade   Long, sharp blade   Cutting Trigger, 
Moon Stone                                      Exeter 
Ochu Tentacle  Strong, flexible tentacle  Red Scorpion 
Pulse Ammo    Ammo that contains powerful    Lionheart 
Red Fang      Dragon's fang with Fire       Twin Lance 
Regen Ring                               Shooting Star 
Saw Blade          Serrated blade           Rising Sun 
Screw     Use to remodel weapons     Exeter, Revolver, 
                                        Shear Trigger, 
                                     Valiant, Ulysses, 
                                      Cutting Trigger, 
                                          Flame Saber, 
                                           Twin Lance, 
                                           Rising Sun, 
Sharp Spike       Long, sharp claw       Slaying Tail, 
                                         Morning Star, 
                                        Crescent Wish, 
                                        Save the Queen 
Shear Feather   Bird's feather the flies on   Valkyrie 
Spider Web           Quistis.....            Maverick, 
                                            Chain Whip 
Star Fragment    GF learns.....    Exeter, Punishment, 
                                        Strange Vision 
Steel Orb  Steel orb with gravitational   Morning Star 
Steel Pipe        GF learns.....         Shear Triger, 
Turtle Shell        GF learns.....        Flame Saber, 
Windmill    Windmill containing wind     Shooting Star 
QUISTIS "BLUE MAGIC" ITEMS (Used to learn new limit breaks for Quistis) 
NAME                        BLUE MAGIC 
Barrier                     Mighty Guard 
Black Hole                  Degenerator 
Coral Fragment              Electrocute 
Curse Spike                 LV?Death 
Dark Matter                 Shockwave Pulser 
Inferno Fang                Fire Breath 
Laser Cannon                Homing Laser 
Malboro Tentacle            Bad Breath 
Missile                     Micro Missiles 
Mystery Fluid               Acid 
Power Generator             Raybomb 
Running Fire                Gattling Gun 
Spider Web                  Ultra Waves 
Water Crystal               Aqua Breath 
Whisper                     White Wind 
GF RECOVERY ITEMS (Need I say more?) 
NAME                   EFFECT 
Cottage       same effect as Tent plus restores all GF 
         (can only be used on World Map or Save Point) 
G-Potion               restores 200 HP to GF 
G-Hi-Potion            restores 1000 HP to GF 
G-Mega-Potion          restores 1000 HP to all GF 
G-Returner             revives GF from KO 
Pet House              restores HP to all GF 
         (can only be used on World Map or Save Point) 
GF ABILITY ITEMS (Used to learn GF abilities) 
NAME                   EFFECT 
Accelerator            GF learns Auto-Haste ability 
Adamantine             GF learns Vit+60% ability 
Aegis Amulet           GF learns Eva-J ability 
**Amnesia Greens       makes GF forget and ability 
        (**GF's can only learn 22 abilities, but there 
                           are over 22 to chose from) 
Bomb Spirit            GF learns Kamikaze ability 
Circlet                GF learns SumMag+10% ability 
Diamond Armor          GF learns GFHP+40% ability 
Doc's Code             GF learns Med Data ability 
Draw Scroll            GF learns Draw ability 
Elem Atk               GF learns Elem-Atk-J ability 
Elem Guard             GF learns Elem-Defx4 ability 
Energy Crystal         GF learns SumMag+30% ability 
Force Armlet           GF learns Spr+40% ability 
Gaea's Ring            GF learns HP+80% ability 
Gambler Spirit         GF learns Card ability 
GF Scroll              GF learns GF ability 
Giant's Ring           GF learns HP+40% ability 
Glow Curtain           GF learns Auto-Reflect ability 
Gold Armor             GF learns GFHP+30% ability 
Healing Mail           GF learns GFHP+10% ability 
Healing Ring           GF learns Recover ability 
HP-J Scroll            GF learns HP-J ability 
Hundred Needles        GF learns Return Damage abilty 
Hungry Cookpot         GF learns Devour ability 
Hyper Wrist            GF learns Str+60% ability 
Hypno Crown            GF learns Mag+40% ability 
Item Scroll            GF learns Item ability 
Jet Engine             GF learns Spd+20% ability 
Knight's Code          GF learns Cover ability 
Luck-J Scroll          GF learns Luck-J ability 
Mag-J Scroll           GF learns Mag-J ability 
Magic Armlet           GF learns Spr+60% ability 
Magic Scroll           GF learns Magic ability 
Med Kit                GF learns Treatment ability 
(!) Mog Armlet         GF learns MiniMog ability 
                    (can summon MinoMog during battle) 
Monk's Code            GF learns Counter ability 
Moon Curtain           GF learns Auto-Shell ability 
Orihalcon              GF learns Vit+40% ability 
Phoenix Spirit         GF learns Revive ability 
Power Wrist            GF learns Str+40% ability 
Regen Ring             GF leanrs HP+20% ability 
Rocket Engine          GF learns Spd+40% ability 
Rosetta Stone          GF learns Abilityx4 ability 
Royal Crown            GF learns Mag+60% ability 
Ribbon                 GF learns Ribbon ability 
                 (protection from all status ailments) 
Rune Armlet            GF learns Spr+20% ability 
Samantha Soul          GF learns SumMag+40% ability 
Silver Mail            GF learns GFHP+20% ability 
Spd-J Scroll           GF learns Spd-J ability 
Spr-J Scroll           GF learns Spr-J ability 
Status Guard           GF learns ST-Defx4 ability 
Steel Curtain          GF learns Auto-Protect ability 
Str-J Scroll           GF learns Str-J ability 
Strength Love          GF learns Str+20% ability 
Star Fragment          GF learns SumMag+20% ability 
Status Atk             GF learns ST-Atk-J ability 
Steel Pipe             GF learns SumMag+10% ability 
Three Stars            GF learns Expendx3-1 ability 
Turtle Shell           GF learns Vit+20% ability 
Vit-J Scroll           GF learns Vit-J ability 
GF COMPATIBILITY ITEMS (Rasies compatibility between character and GF) 
Arctic Wind    Contains Ice element wind    [Shiva +3] 
Bomb Fragment    Stone with Fire element    [Ifrit +3] 
Dino Bone      Large dinosaur bone       [Brothers +3] 
Dynamo Stone         Stone with Thunder element          [Quetzacotl +3] 
LuvLuvG                                      [ALL +20] 
Red Fang  Dragon's fang with Fire element   [Ifrit +3] 
Steel Orb            Steel orb with gravitational power     [Diablos +3]