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Name:            Quetzacoatl 
Element:         Lightning 
Attack Name:     Thunder Storm 
Starting Level:  Level 1 
How to get it:   Examine Squall's study panel at the very beginning of the game - you'll get it automatically. 

Name:            Shiva 
Element:         Ice 
Attack Name:     Diamond Dust 
Starting Level:  Level 1 
How to get it:   Examine Squall's study panel at the very beginning of the game - you'll get it automatically. 

Name:            Ifrit 
Element:         Fire 
Attack Name:     Hell Fire 
Starting Level:  Level 1 
How to get it:   You will recieve Ifrit (as well as his Card) when you defeat him in   the Fire Cavern at the beginning of the game. 

Name:            Siren 
Element:         None, adds Silence 
Attack Name:     Silent Voice 
Starting Level:  Level 3 
How to get it:   Draw it from Elvoret, the Boss that throws away Biggs and Wedge at the Dollet Communication Tower (the SeeD Field Exam). 

Name:            Brothers 
Element:         Earth 
Attack Name:     Brotherly Love 
Starting Level:  Level 7 
How to get it:   Solve the drawbridge puzzle in the Tomb of the Unknown King.  For 
                 an easy solution, take every right in the Tomb and you'll hit every     
                 important room in the tomb in the order you need to.  Once you     defeat the Brothers, they'll join you and you'll also get their 

Name:            Diablos 
Element:         None 
Attack Name:     Dark Messenger 
Starting Level:  Level 9 
How to get it:   Speak with Headmaster Cid a second time after he sends you off to Timber and he will give an Item called the Magical Lamp.  Save your game and then use it, and you will be transported to an alternate dimension where you'll automatically engage Diablos.  Beat him and he will join you, and you'll get his Card. 

Name:            Carbuncle 
Element:         None, casts Reflect 
Attack Name:     Ruby Light 
Starting Level:  Level 16 
How to get it:   Draw it from either one of the Iguions you fight during Edea's Parade in Disc 1. 

Name:            Leviathan 
Element:         Water 
Attack Name:     Tsunami 
Starting Level:  Level 17 
How to get it:   Draw it from the Boss NORG at Balamb Garden in Disc 2. 

Name:            Pandemonia 
Element:         Wind 
Attack Name:     Tornado Zone 
Starting Level:  Level 19 
How to get it:   Draw it from the Boss, Fujin, in Balamb during Disc 2. 

Name:            Cerberus 
Element:         None, casts Double and Triple 
Attack Name:     Counter Rockets 
Starting Level:  Level 23 
How to get it:   You will find Cerberus waiting in the yellow light in the center of Galbadia Garden's main hall, during the end of Disc 2.  Talk to him 
  to fight him.  Beat him and you will get him as a GF. 

Name:            Alexander 
Element:         Holy 
Attack Name:     Holy Judgement 
Starting Level:  Level 25 
How to get it:   Draw it from Edea during the final battle of Disc 2. 

Name:            Doomtrain 
Element:         Poison, adds various Status Ailments 
Attack Name:     Runaway Train 
Starting Level:  Level 28 
How to get it:   Go to Tears' Point near Esthar and pick up the Solomon Ring.  Now, collect 6 Steel Pipes, 6 Remedy+, and 6 Malboro Tentacles.  You can get the Steel Pipes from Wendigos, Remedy+ from Alexander's Med LV Up Ability, and the Malboro Tentacles from Malboros.  Once you've collected these Items, use the Solomon Ring and you will recieve Doomtrain as another GF. 

Name:            Bahamut 
Element:         None 
Attack Name:     Mega Flare 
Starting Level:  Level 35 
How to get it:   You can find Bahamut in the Deep Sea Research Center (a side quest).  Make your way to the blue capsule in the first room and Bahamut will ask you a series of questions.  After each one, you'll have to face a tough Ruby Dragon.  After the third question, he will fight you.  Defeat him, and you will recieve him as a GF.  The answers to his questions are "It is not our will to fight", "Never", and then the hidden option below the second option. Answer incorrectly, and you will have to fight a Ruby Dragon and THEN answer the question again.

Name:            Cactuar 
Element:         None 
Attack Name:     1,000 Needles 
Starting Level:  Level 20 
How to get it:   You can find the GF Cactuar on Cactuar Island, a small island to the south of Esthar.  You will know the island by the appearance of a randomly placed, small green dot in the sand.  That dot is the Jumbo Cactuar, a giant Cactuar.  Walk up to him to engage him in combat.  To defeat him, use Water-Elemental attacks (especially Leviathan) and strong Limit Breaks (especially Renzokuken).  He will randomly counterattack with a move called 10,000 Needles that kills a character instantly no matter what; counter this with Life, Full-Life and Alexander's Revive.  Once you beat on him enough, you will see a message that Jumbo Cactuar "is hesitating".  At this point, DO NOT ATTACK or he will run away and you'll have to start over!  Just summon Leviathan and have your Limit Breaks ready and unload on him with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.  If you're lucky, he'll fall and you will get the Cactuar GF. 

Name:            Tonberry
Element:         None 
Attack Name:     Chef's Knife 
Starting Level:  Level 30 
How to get it:   You can find the GF Tonberry at the Centra Ruins.  Tonberry, arguably, is the hardest GF to get in Final Fantasy VIII.  At the first area of the Centra Ruins, you will find only Tonberry enemies.  Your job is to defeat 18 to 22 Tonberries to make the Tonberry King appear.  Sounds easy, right?  Trust me, it isn't. Tonberries have around 20000 HP apiece, an attack called Chef's Knife that does 3000-4000 damage quickly, and a random counter- attack called Everyone's Grudge that does about 5000-6000 damage to a single character.  You'll need an edge.  First off, summon Diablos.  Then, summon Cerberus.  Then, cast Protect on everyone. Finally, pound away with Diablos until it dies.  If you get dangerously low on HP, cast Curaga or use Recover.  Once you defeat the right number of Tonberries, the Tonberry King will replace the last fallen Tonberry without giving you a chance to heal.  He is much faster and stronger than normal Tonberries, and if you die, you have to start all over.  Once you beat him, you get the Tonberry GF. 

Name:            Eden 
Element:         None 
Attack Name:     Eternal Breath 
Starting Level:  Level 30 
How to get it:   The final GF in Final Fantasy VIII, Eden, is easily the most powerful in the game, so you know you want it.  Eden can be found in the Deep Sea Research Center, after defeating Bahamut.  Work your way to the bottom of the ruins, solving the puzzles as you go along, until you finally reach the very tough Boss, Ultima Weapon. You can draw Eden from Ultima Weapon, and if you survive, you get to keep him.